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Sittin' on Top of the World



You'd Better Take Ann Coulter's Advice. I Mean, How Often do you get to Meet a Real, Live, Talking Skeleton?

She may only weigh 98 lbs, but Ann Coulter's no Conservative Lightweight, Folks!



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Can You Count, Suckaz?


he used to love having the skeleton above on his show

The Anti Bill O' Reilly



Stupid, & Yet a Genius, the true definition on irony!

It Doesn't Take a Genius to Recognize Stupidity



Gayrod receiving a "sports massage"

Ahhh, Now Doesn't that Fee Nice?










Insane Ass Clown Posse


Actually, having him in office puts us at far greater risk of all the things you mentioned but since you've been Trumpnotized, you can't see it. Before & during the campaign, practically EVERYBODY said he was crazy & had no shot, even republicans were turning away from him in droves. But since, he was elected, all of a sudden, you've got a hard on & total blind devotion for this real estate developer/reality show host who openly boasts about cheating people in business deals, not paying taxes & grabbing women by their pussies...makes no sense, unless those are the kind of values you aspire to.

All he's doing by stirring up "more" Muslim hate is helping them recruit more members. & demonizing any member of the press or press organization who has the balls to criticize him is the 1st step in gaining complete autocratic control of the media, Hitler did it, Putin did it with Pravda, who's doing it now? Just admit it, you could not handle a black guy being president, never mind the fact that he's a constitutional scholar, curbed the recession & ordered the raid that killed Bin Laden - he's black & you just fucking hate that quality in a person. You probably want him to build a wall around Africa as well. & who do you think is going to build the border wall here, white guys? He'll offer so little money that only illegal Mexican immigrants will be willing to do the job. Oh, the irony. Then, he won't even pay them.

& his lack of faith in the intelligence community that led to the botched raid in Yemen? He knows more than the generals, my ass. Besides, Americans have too many guns to let a bunch of terrorists take over the entire country, enact Sharia law, chop people's fucking heads off & put bags over women's heads, what a joke. The only thing they can manage to do is occasional quick strike terrorist attacks that just piss us off & they fuck those up the majority of the time, or are caught with the aid of the intelligence community because that's their job, not fucking tweeting about TV show ratings or department stores dropping his daughter's clothing lines that weren't selling or making the taxpayers pay for the 1st lady & the secret service to live in New York in a Trump property because she doesn't want to stay in the White House or even know how many electoral votes he received or fill his cabinet with Goldman Sachs people to deregulate the banking industry, an anti-environmental guy to head the EPA, a secretary of education who wants to de fund public schools or the CEO of an oil company as secretary of state as they get ready to lift all sanctions against Russia so Putin can make half a trillion dollars. That only scratches the surface, but feel free to stop me when I get to the bad part. There aren't enough memes in the world for this ass clown.

But, despite all that, feel free to keep supporting him because you became a reflection of everything he is doing & everything he stands for but when he fucks you…& he will fuck you, take  it like a man.

That's just good old fashioned family rascism - Peter Griffin